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Humber Acute Services Review Issues Paper - Hospital Services for the Future

Started: 01 March 2018 00:01 - Closed: 02 October 2018 23:59

Started: 01 March 2018 00:01 Closed: 02 October 2018 23:59
Status: CLOSED
Updated on 26 April 2022

We Asked

In total 393 people responded to the survey either online or at a meeting.

Participants predominantly identified as white (93%), working age (78%) residents from across the Humber area.

People living in North Lincolnshire made up the largest share of respondents (36% of those who provided their postcode information).

70% identified as a woman, 29% identified as having a disability or long term illness and just over a quarter of participants identified as a member of staff. 

You Said

What is working well?
Staff are caring, friendly and hardworking...
Over half of the comments provided spoke positively of the staff, praising their kindness, compassion and hardworking nature. 

Many participants also spoke about staff being overworked. Some of this is observational but some of the responses throughout, appear to have this impression from conversations in which staff are telling them they are busy and/or over-worked.

What can improve?
Staff numbers, staff training, waiting times, communication...
Just under a quarter of the improvements suggested by participants related to reducing waiting times for appointments, surgery or in A&E as participants felt they were too long.

A similar number of comments provided related to staff, including increasing staffing levels as staff appear overwhelmed and overworked, improving staff competency and training and other comments related to staff breaching confidentiality by talking in corridors in earshot of other patients.

Around 15% of the responses provided spoke about improving the communication between staff and patients and participants felt that this is often a deliberate lack of transparency or obstructiveness from staff around sharing information. 


What is most important to you?
Participants were asked to rate what most important to them when accessing hospital care...
Most important to the participants surveyed were:

  • The skills training and experience of staff delivering care, and
  • the standards of care provided.

Distance to travel and convenient appointment times are the two areas considered (relatively) less important. 


We Did

Next we will
The themes and feedback gathered through this survey will form part of the intelligence pack that will be used by the doctors, nurses and service managers who will be meeting to discuss the different ways in which services could be organised in order to better meet the needs of patients today and in the future.

You can read the full report here

You can find out more about the review process and keep up to date on its progress on our website:


We are working to find new ways of improving the health and wellbeing of local people through transforming care and support in our communities. As part of this work, we are looking at how to provide the best possible hospital services for the people of the Humber area and make the best use of the money, staff and buildings that are available to us.

As a group of health and care organisations we are working together to conduct a review of acute hospital services across the five acute hospitals in the Humber area, which are: Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby, Scunthorpe General Hospital, Goole Hospital, Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital.


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